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heritage pork & free-range eggs

Our animals are an integral component of our farm and a joyful addition to our lives.


We sell our hogs by the whole, half, quarter, and/or individual pieces including chops, loins, ribs, bacon, full sides, butts, roasts, picnics, hams, sausage and ground.  

If you’ve never purchased bulk meat before, we are happy to talk you through it.

Our Tamworth Heritage Hogs have been raised outdoors on fresh pasture, lush woods & organically grown vegetables from our own gardens. The hogs also feed on Producer's Pride Hog Grower. It is a delicious feed that provides pure and wholesome nutrition specifically for hogs.


The meat is not certified organic. 


We sell our free-range eggs by the dozen for $5. Our Red Comet and Black Australorp chickens are happy hens at HIFG. 


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